Ball and Beam

1 DOF Control Platform for Teaching and Research

ACROME Ball and Beam System is ideal to introduce students to the fundamental and intermediate principles of controls.


Apply control theory in real-life with ACROME Ball and Beam! Controlling the position of a ball on a beam is one of the main problems of control theory. Ball and Beam System can be used for a wide range of control system design implementations from basic linear controllers to advanced nonlinear methods. Students are able to understand system design approaches with Ball and Beam's learn-by-doing method. With the help of the courseware, they can distinguish effects of linearizations, assumptions and modeling errors due to the differences between simulations and real world experiments. 


  • Assembled and ready to control plant with the integrated power unit
  • Implementation of advanced digital control techniques.
  • Fully compatible with MATLAB®/Simulink® and LabVIEW™
  • Fully documented system models and parameters provided for MATLAB®/Simulink®, LabVIEW™
  • Easy-connect cables and connectors
  • Actuating the table by RC servo motor, which is familiar to students
  • Ball position sensing by a linear potentiometer
  • Enables students to create their own real-time algorithms.
  • Open architecture with extensive courseware, suitable for undergraduate courses for engineering disciplines related to control systems


  • Components of Ball and Beam System
    • RC Servo Motor
    • Potentiometer Sensor
    • NI myRIO
    • Power Supply Box
    • Mechanics of the System
  • Fundamentals of PWM
    • PWM Signaling Theory
    • Generating PWM Signals with NI myRIO
    • Driving RC Servos with PWM Signals
  • ​Feedback in Control Systems
    • Reading Ball Position from Potentiometer Sensor
    • Derivative Filtering
  • System Modeling
    • System Identification Methods
    • Modeling of Actuator
    • Obtaining Transfer Function of Plant
  • Performance Measures
    • Time Domain Characteristics
    • Steady State Response and Steady State Error
  • Control System Design
    • Time Response Characteristics
    • PID Controller and Fuzzy Logic Controller
    • Step Response and Steady-State Error
  • Control System Verification
    • Frequency Response Analysis
    • Experimental Bode Diagrams
    • Cut-Off Frequency Determination



Calibrationed base dimensions 

Beam length

Lever arm length

Support arm length 

Potentiometer sensor length 

Motor arm length

Motor torque

Motor speed

450 x 160 mm

530 mm

143 mm

165 mm

500 mm

24 mm

4,8 V:0,5 N.m

4,8 V:0,20 sec/60 degree



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